Our Supporters

Storage King Grey Lynn has generously donated a storage unit for our Littlemore base. It's a hive of activity on Saturday mornings as we receive incoming donations, and the point at which all gear is sorted, packed and distributed. We can't speak highly enough of the support they've given us and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for all your storage needs.
We're very thankful for all the help John and Nic at Custom Residential have given us. They've kindly designed and donated the wonderful bags that all Littlemore items are packed and gifted in, and been an amazing voice for us in the local community. Custom Residential Ltd - Licensed REAA 2008.
Shieff Angland have kindly offered their expertise and have helped us tremendously in a number of ways, from our Trust Deed to advising us on a variety of other matters.
We're grateful to Documents Unlimited for sorting Littlemore's print collateral, from the safety messages we pop into each bag of baby gear, to our flyers and posters. We love the quick turnaround and the outstanding quality they provide.


We are so thankful for the generous support from the following organisations and we look forward to working closely with them to further the common goals that we share for our local community.

Local Business Supporters

Sorting our donations is a huge part of what we do to make sure the right items go to the babies who need them. Our large Sistema storage containers make this job a lot easier, and have really helped keep our storage unit nice and tidy.
Thanks to the team at Warehouse Stationery, we've been able to label all our deliveries, significantly reducing the time it takes to sort through and identify which donations are to be given to whom.
The team at Bunnings Warehouse Mt Wellington, alongside Horticom, generously provided us with shelving that has transformed our storage systems. Not only can we store more; it's now incredibly easy to find what we need when we're preparing deliveries to go to our partner agencies.
We’re thankful for the support of Whitespace Contemporary Art gallery for our May 2017 fundraising drive. They’ve generously provided Littlemore with ceramic popcorn artworks by New Zealand artist Madeleine Child, to be given as a token of our thanks to individuals or organisations that donate $1000+ towards our May fundraising appeal.