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We’ve made a little start

We’ve been helping give babies a better start in life since 2013, passing on baby essentials from one Kiwi family to another. We’ve rallied an inspiring network of dedicated volunteers, highly skilled people kindly giving their valuable time and energy to help little ones in need.

But we want to make it big

We’re growing up quickly and need your help to expand. We’re a sustainable Kiwi grassroots organisation focused on helping foster communities where every newborn is set for life. We’re committed to providing pre-loved baby essentials from one Kiwi to another and have been doing so for over 4 years. We’re at an exciting stage where we need to raise funds to put tools and systems in place that will help our team of 45+ volunteers to keep meeting the needs of our growing number of partners.

Here’s a few ways you can support us

We’re creating a small group of people who will become inaugural Littlegivers – Kiwis who share our passion for helping little ones in need, and who are in a position to help us make a big difference. But this means we need money, and we’re finding out that doesn’t grow on trees. If you would like to be one of our Littlegivers, please contact us through our website Contact form or send our Team Coordinator an email on [email protected] Our Littlemore Trust charity number is CC53675

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Want to help fund us directly? Please contact us and we can give you our bank details.

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Give a Little

Want a really easy way to give? Simply click on the link below and you can make a donation through our Give a Little page.

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